Workshops & Presentations

As an educator, Paula can help those who live with or work with Autistic people to understand Autism from ‘the inside out’ and apply this knowledge to their existing skills to provide better support to Autistic people. “Lived experience” presentations aim to enhance the audiences understanding of Autism by explaining what Autism feels like. Paula explains Autism through the perspective of Autistic people and offers recommendations for how to approach supporting Autistic people from a strengths based perspective.

Paula has been giving ‘lived experience’ presentations for close to 10 years around New Zealand. She has spoken to parents of Autistic people, Autism organisations, disability organisations and professionals who work with Autistic people. She has given keynote presentations at Altogether Autism conferences and is respected as a knowledgeable speaker in the Autism sector.

Autism Insights can create a presentation or workshop tailored to your specific needs or choose from an existing topic.

Upcoming Events

Paula will soon be running regular events in Tauranga and Hamilton on a range of specific topics.
Information to be posted on the events page.

Contact Paula for a free consultation and quote.

  • Insights to understand Autism

    Basic information about what being Autistic feels like, how we experience the world, language and our senses. Learn Autism basics from the experts who have Autism.

  • Insights for professionals

    Take you professional knowledge to the next level by learning about Autism from the inside. Typical Autism behaviour, traits and habits are explained.

  • Insights for Teachers

    Learn how Autistic people feel in a classroom setting, how to empower Autistic children you’re teaching to understand themselves and support Autistic children to grow into adults with confidence to thrive in the world.

  • Insights for parents

    Answers common questions parents have about how Autistic people feel, why and what they need to in the home environment to thrive.

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