Peer Mentoring

Peer mentoring is a practical and effective approach to assisting people to achieve goals, enhance confidence and learn new life skills. This sort of peer support can help young Autistic people learn the skills they need for independent living, study or employment. It can help people find their strengths and use these to create a good life. A peer mentor works one on one with individuals to set an example of what is possible and inspire confidence and tools to overcome hurdles in life.

Paula is a qualified peer worker who uses a strengths based peer support model while working with individuals in their own home environment or the community. This approach can be applied to almost any skill an Autistic person needs to learn, goal they want to achieve or challenging experiences they may have. She can help Autistic people learn the skills they need to have the life they want or understand their own Autism in ways which reduce distress or difficult experiences.

To read more about peer mentoring refer to Paula’s blog.

Paula offers several different styles of mentoring but can also tailor mentoring to individual needs.

  • Insights mentoring to gain skills

    Specific mentoring to help young people learn: skills for independent living, goal setting, embarking on study or employment, learning how to understand the neurotypical world and make sense of their own Autism.

  • Insights to understand my Autism

    Mentoring to assist people to gain greater understanding of how their Autism affects them. This form of mentoring is talking based aims to help individuals maximise their strengths and develop strategies to cope with challenging aspects of Autism.

  • Insights for diagnosis support

    Emotional support for adults in the process of being diagnosed or newly diagnosed. Paula has many years experience supporting adults through this process and can help people make sense of the experience.

  • Insights for Parents

    Help for parents in understanding how to provide the best home environment and support for their Autistic family members. Paula can help increase parents knowledge of how Autistic people think, feel and experience the world.

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One on one mentoring

Paula offers one on one mentoring in Tauranga and Hamilton.
Skype sessions or advice through email are available for those living in different parts of the country.


Fee’s are between $50 – $70.
Paula offers payment options or a discounted rate in some circumstances for unwaged people.
Fees negotiable with individuals

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