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Autism Insights is an innovative business run by Paula Jessop to assist Autistic people to have good lives through providing mentoring and ‘lived experience’ education.

The guiding principle of Autism Insights is that every Autistic person has the right to a good quality life of their choosing and respectful strengths based support.

Paula is a NZ advocate who argues for ‘radical acceptance’ of Autistic people in society, supporting Autistic people in respectful ways which focus on their strengths rather than ‘symptoms’, and changing society to value Autistic people as a normal human variation of difference rather than a ‘disorder’ needing fixing. Radical acceptance article.

Paula works in a range of roles in the Autism sector. She has been a member of Altogether Autism Consumer Reference Group for a number of years and is now acts as a consultant to Altogether Autism assisting in developing Prism training, providing guidance of Autistic inclusive practice and giving lived experience presentations. Paula has sat on a range of Autism advisory groups and most recently worked on a Te Pou advisory group assisting in creating a framework to provide a guidelines for training workers in the Autism sector.

A bit about Paula

I am an Autistic person passionate about helping other Autistic people find ways to feel confident and happy being Autistic. I believe Autistic people have unique strengths of value to society and every Autistic person has the ability to live a meaningful happy life.

My own journey with Autism began with being diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome as a young adult. Like many I had struggled to fit in and feel confident as a ‘different’ person. Thanks to various Autistic mentors such as Donna Williams I was able to find my strengths, and learn to create a good life through feeling positive about being Autistic.

I believe I can help other Autistic people have positive fulfilling lives and those who support Autistic people to do so in empowering ways.

To learn more of my personal journey read my blog.

My Services

Peer Mentoring

Peer mentoring is a practical and effective approach to assisting people to achieve goals, enhance confidence and learn new life skills. Learn more…

Workshops & Presentations

As an educator, Paula can help those who live with or work with Autistic people to understand Autism from ‘the inside out’ and apply this knowledge to their existing skills to provide better support to Autistic people. Learn more…


Paula runs regular events in Tauranga and Hamilton on a range of specific topics Learn more…

*With special thanks to Australian Autism advocate – Jeanette Purkis for allowing us to share her Autism positive memes on this website.

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